Bumperballs in uppsala

Bumperball or Bubble football as it is also called is a crazy fun activity where you play football in a big ball and being tackled is completely allowed.

Tackles are a big part of the whole thing and make it a little more fun.

Bumperballs are a perfect activity for bachelor parties, hen parties, corporate events, groups of friends, team building.
We recommend the activity from about 13 years of age as our balls are adult size (150cm diameter).

Rules and playingfield

You play about 5 against 5.
Each match is 5 minutes, doesn't sound like much but it's hard and then you want a break.

Our playing field has a turf surface and nets all around, this allows you to maximize the game and not run and chase balls.
The field has a tackle line marked out where all tackles are allowed, but if you are tired you can get outside it.

bumerballs uppsala
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