Laser Tag in Uppsala

Laser tag is similar to laserdome and lasergame but is played outdoors on a built-up course and the equipment is more realistic with a much longer range and higher accuracy.
Lasertag is an activity that suits everyone from 9 years and up, activity for family, colleagues, friends, bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Laser tag has been around for many years but has become very popular in recent years as the technology and equipment develop.
The games are controlled digitally and there are several different mission games, the instructor is with you all the time and adapts the games to you.
Cooperation and tactics are a winning concept in laser tag.

Vanliga frågor om lasertag

Laser tag equipment

Tagger is called the equipment and is based on the AR-15, on the side there is a display that shows life and ammunition.

On the head you have a headband that receives hits and shows the team color, the tagger also has receivers for hits.


Games & Statistics

We have different game scenarios with digital flags and bases.
We will agree on which games you will play on the spot.

After the matches, the teams and players receive statistics on, e.g. points, hit percentage, kills, deaths etc.

The field

CQB track about 3500m2 which is built up with as a house and shelter.