Drop-in Paintball in uppsala

If you are looking for a fun and challenging hobby, paintball is a good option.

Paintball is an activity / sport that gives you exercise, adrenaline and a fun way to meet new people and spend time with friends and family..

Paintball is also a good form of training for both strength and fitness but also concentration, focus and mental training.

Drop-in Paintball is suitable for ages 13 and up, beginners and experienced, and everyone plays together at the same time.
You can come alone or bring the whole gang.
Beginners are very welcome, we will help you with everything needed.
If you have never played, it may be good to be in good time to be assigned equipment before the walkthrough.
If you have your own equipment, you may of course use it, but only balls from the range may be used.

In paintball, the team that best succeeds in cooperating wins, the group is put to the test when, in a situation full of adrenaline, it must succeed in carrying out its plan and accomplishing its mission.

At drop-in, we always and only play with regular paintball 68 cal.

A regular drop-in day:
10:10 - Briefing before the game, then we go over safety rules, games and divide all players into two teams.
We play different game setups in 30-60 minutes with breaks between games.
About 13:00 - we have a longer lunch break, Hamburgers, soft drinks and chocolate biscuits are available to buy on site.
15:30 – End of the day.

Prices Drop-in

(These prices apply to drop-in paintball only)

Game fee: SEK 100
Rental package: SEK 250, which includes: game fee, equipment + 500 balls.
Ball: Pro Shar Exact: SEK 120 / 500 balls.

Field paint only! Only the ball we sell on site may be used!
MAG FEED! - FS, you are not allowed to play on our track. (Plastic)

Schedule Drop-in 2024

10/3 Paintball Drop-in.
31/3 Paintball Drop-in.
21/4 Paintball Drop-in.
19/5 Paintball Drop-in.
2/6 Paintball Drop-in.
6 - 7 July - Holiday Paintball BigGame
21/7 Paintball Drop-in.
4/8 Paintball Drop-in.
18/8 Paintball Drop-in.
1/9 Paintball Drop-in.
22/9 Paintball Drop-in.
13/10 Paintball Drop-in.

The paintballfield

When there are many participants or a big game, we open the entire area to a single large court that can accommodate 300 players.
Depending on how many participants come, we adapt the course and the games.
The field consists of mixed forest and built-up urban areas.



Only the paintballs sold at ACpaintball may be used.

Max 280 fps.
Only semi.
Barrelsock must always be on when you are not playing.

Only approved paintball masks are allowed.
The mask must never be removed on the playing field.

In all safezones, you must always have barrelsock on the marker before entering.

You always go to respawn at start, and if you have been out of the game or have been marked, then you can return to the game.

On the playing field there are gameorganizers, their job is to control and arrange the games.
(Everyone plays fair and square! Gameorganizers on the court do not act as referees.)

Hit that counts - A direct hit on yourself or equipment when the ball breaks and results in a painthit.
Keep a clear hand in the air to signal to other players that you are not in game.
When you're hit, you go to respawn to get back into the game again.

All types of pyrotechnics are prohibited.
Only the organizer may use pyrotechnics.

If a vehicle is included as a transport mission, it will only drive when a player has a hand on the driver's side window.
Always shoot deliberately at the vehicle.
Never stand in front of a vehicle.

A captured base or object is marked with a raised flag in the team color as captured.

A box is a box with rfid tags that count points to the team that put their color on the tag on the box.

Paintball equipment

Our goal is that you who visit us should have the best experience possible, therefore we use the best equipment for rental. The equipment consists of a marker (the weapon), an air tank, a mask and a coverall. Our markers are powered by compressed air, which you refill yourself if necessary, our instructors are there to show and help. (Describe the equipment why it is good) Our masks have a double lens to minimize the risk of fogging. Cammo overalls (S - XXXL) included when booking paintball (always clean).


When you are looking for equipment for outdoor, paintball or airsoft.


6 - 7 Juli 2024
This year's 2-day paintball biggame with camping.