Paintball in uppsala

You get action and adrenaline when you play paintball, but the team with the best tactics and teamwork will win.

Paintball is suitable for everyone aged 13 and up.
We have several different courses where you play with different missions, you always have your own instructor with you who makes sure you get the best out of your stay with us.
We adapt our arrangements to your group, our staff has extensive experience in organizing events for different groups, regardless of the type of strategic game, cooperation or a lot of adrenaline, we will arrange it.

Vanliga frågor om paintball

Our paintball fields

We have several different courses with different themes, the courses consist of mixed forest and built-up urban areas.

We have the capacity to receive groups from 8 and up to 100 people at the same time. For large groups, we put several fields together. If you have booked a time, you always play on the course yourself, but there may be several groups playing on different courses.

paintballbanor uppsala


We have several different game concepts and gamemodes that we play on our different fields.
Our instructors have extensive experience arranging for different groups and will adapt suitable games just for your group.

Läs mer om gamemodes och spel.

Gamemodes och spel för paintball och airsoft or paintball

When you play paintball, you can choose between and, where 68 cal is the regular paintball. Paintball .50 cal is just like regular paintball (68 cal) but the balls are smaller and impact energy is 60% lower. This means that the hits are not as hard.

You can choose which type of paintball you want to play, you can play up to 100 people at the same time with and a maximum of 30 people at the same time with


Paintball equipment

Our goal is that you who visit us should have the best experience possible, therefore we use the best equipment for rental.
The equipment consists of a marker (the weapon), an airtank, a mask and a coverall. Our markers are powered by compressed air, which you refill yourself if necessary, our instructors are there to show and help.
Our masks have a double lens to minimize the risk of fogging.
Cammo overalls (S - XXXL) included when booking paintball (always clean).


Takeaway Paintball

If you need to rent equipment to play on your own ground, you can do it from us.

Equipment consists of:
Marker with filled air tank. (can shoot about 400 balls with a full tank)
Protective mask with double glass.
Camo jumpsuit.
Balls are bought by us for shop price at takeaway.

SEK 250/24 hours/equipment.

Paintball Drop-in

Paintball as a hobby

If you are looking for a fun and challenging hobby, paintball is a good option.

It is an activity / sport that gives you exercise, adrenaline and a fun way to meet new people and spend time with friends and family..

Paintball is also a good form of training for both strength and fitness but also concentration, focus and mental training.

Easiest way to start playing paintball is to come and play when we are open for drop-in,


When you are looking for equipment for outdoor, paintball or airsoft.


6 - 7 July 2024
This year's 2-days paintball biggame with camp.