Bachelor & Bachelorette party in Uppsala

When you plan an unforgettable bachelor or bachelorette party, you need fun activities that suit your group and your protagonist, our goal is for everyone in the group to have fun and have an unforgettable day.
We have extensive experience in arranging just this and adapt to your wishes.
We have different activities that suit everyone and you can combine them if you want to do several activities.

Dining areas and gas grills are available for our customers if you want to stay after the activity and grill for a while It is also possible to pre-book hamburgers for us, which we prepare in our own kitchen.
Showers are available when you go on for your next adventure. (A shower stall with 3 showers + 1 separate shower)



In paintball, the team that best succeeds in cooperating wins, the group is put to the test when, in a situation full of adrenaline, it must succeed in carrying out its plan and accomplishing its mission.
We have several different fields where you play with different missions, you always have your own instructor with you who makes sure you get the best out of your stay with us.

spela paintball


Our Activities< Laser tag is an activity that suits everyone, activity for the whole family, colleagues, friends, hen party, bachelor party or why not your children's party

spela lasertag


Play soccer in a big inflatable ball and tackle as much as you want.
Crazy fun.

spela bumperballs


The 5-MultiChallenge is a perfect activity for a fun and challenging day with family and friends, bachelorette party or bachelor party.

Cooperation, tactics, cleverness, physics, focus, speed or reaction, we have many different challenges to choose from that require different conditions, some focus a lot on group teamwork and cooperation, others individual achievements.
Choose the 5 challenges that suit the group best when you book.

flerkamp uppsala
femkamp uppsala


Airsoft is an action activity that requires cooperation and tactics.

uthyrning airsoft